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READ:Indictment in 2014 college student murder in New

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale NEW BRUNSWICK A jury will soon decide if city resident Timothy Puskas killed Kean University student William „Billy” McCaw on a snowy night nearly three years ago.The jury of seven women and seven men heard closing argumentsFriday morningfrom Puskas’ attorney, Joseph Mazraani, with closing statements from Middlesex County Assistant Prosecutor Bina Desaiin the afternoon.Puskas is facing murder, weapons and hindering charges in connection with the Feb. 15, 2014 death of McCaw, 22, a former Hillsborough resident, who was found beaten and left in a dark secluded backyard on Hartwell Street where died in the snow after visiting with friends from Rutgers, a school he formerly attended.READ:Indictment in 2014 college student murder in New BrunswickWATCH:Michelle Lodzinski sentenced to 30 years for killing sonPuskas is accused of attacking McCaw, who had been drinking after attending fraternity parties, discarding the weapon and then walking to his home nearby.In his three hour closing statement, Mazraani argued that his client is not guilty, adding that there is no blood, hairs, witnesses, DNAor any other evidence tying his client to McCaw’s murder.”There is not one inkling that shows any involvement in the case https://www.buy-canadagoose.net, let alone prove him guilty Canada Goose Outlet,” he said. „There is no evidence suggesting he did this.”He cited detailed examples about how the state’s investigation was flawed by conflicting witness statements, the crime scene investigation and the failure to follow the fresh footprints in the snow that led to a nearby Robinson Street home.He argued that police didn’t dig deep enough in their investigation into others who might have killed McCaw.He added that Puskas had no motive to kill McCaw, whom he did not know.Mazraani suggested that the key to the case is McCaw’s path of travel and whether he walked to Hamilton Street from Easton Avenue, adding that video camera footage of the area is unreliable.Desai, however Canada Goose Sale, said that the videos show Billy wearing a red shirt with lettering, dark pants, jacket with hood and a bandanna on his head walking uneasily on his feet because he was intoxicated from drinking at the frat parties.She said the videos show that McCaw was not being followed and he was not following anyone and he was not with anyone before his body was found in the backyard at 28 Hartwell St.William „Billy” McCaw (Photo: Courtesy of Anik Chadha)She played part of an audio conversation in which Puskas saidhe was out late at night near his home and kicked mirrors and was worried someone might have seen him and ran home Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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